Marketing Subscription Terms of Service

By agreeing to receive marketing messages by text or reminder phone you agree to the following terms and conditions. Communication/s shall refer to an automated computer-generated voice call, an automated SMS text message, or both as requested by the subscriber. Subscriber shall refer to you, the patient or guardian whose phone number is provided on the subscriber agreement form. Sender shall refer to the practice or organization rendering services and/or scheduling appointments for the subscriber. Host shall refer to Eazy Application Systems Inc and its partners and affiliates.

  1. Subscriber liability. The Subscriber will receive one or more communication/s from the sender. The Subscriber is responsible for all fees, charges, or service agreements with their own carrier and the Sender and Host accept no liability or responsibility of such fees. Contact your phone service provider for more details on how Communication/s may affect your bill. The subscriber also attests the phone number given belongs to them and that they have the right to agree to these terms for the given phone number.
  2. Subscriber consent. The Subscriber may opt out at any time by directly contacting the Sender or replying "Stop" to a communication/s. The subscriber may restore reminders by sending "unstop" to the same number and contacting the sender to agree to a new consent.
  3. Communication/s purpose. The Subscriber will receive communication/s involving appointment/treatment feedback/satisfaction surveys, special offers and discounts, birthday/holiday best wishes, and invitations to new or continued services.
  4. Subscriber privacy. Neither Sender nor Host shall sell, give, nor exchange any communication/s nor communication method (phone number) to any third party without a separate and express consent.
  5. Subscriber responsibility. The subscriber is responsible for on time presentation for their appointment. Communication/s are not guaranteed to be sent by the Sender nor Host. Subscriber may be subject to fees for cancellations, tardiness, or absence if Communication/s are not sent/received. See your Sender's policies for details.
  6. Service availability. Neither host nor Sender guarantee these services continued existence nor usage. The service may be terminated at any time without warning.
  7. TOS updates. Updates to this document may occur at any time without notice but may be reviewed at any time at

Thank you for subscribing to our marketing e-mails, we hope they provide a valuable service.