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Quick EMR Program Features

Since we have owned our own clinics, it is in our best interest to constantly find ways to automate our offices. We have integrated many features to our system over the years. They have been added to benefit everyone from receptionists to owners. If you have any suggestions, we would love the hear them

NEW!! Web based option available
NEW!! Parent/Physician remote access to completed notes
NEW!! Internal chat/messenger application

    + Complete customization to fit your needs.
        + Modify screen labels
        + Change or create your own custom reports
        + Add custom fields
        + Change or create your own tests and measurements
        + Use it out of the box or set it up the way YOU want it!

    + Time saving documentation
        + Create templates to quickly load common entries
        + Compatible with Speech and Handwriting recognition
        + Every text box can be used as a drop down list
        + Each list is customizable and user specific, and body area specific!
        + Built in spellchecking to correct mistakes as you type
        + Custom dictionaries for individual users
        + "Carry Over" feature copies previous notes to new ones for quick modification
        + Shorthand lists can be created by each user to accompany the way they document

    +Valuable Clinical Reports
        + Daily numbers for patient statistics with one click
         + Therapist statistics
        + Missing notes report
        + Referral counts for each physician
        + Progress notes due report
        + Missing in Action and unscheduled patient reports to get revenue back in your clinic

    + Scheduling madness finally organized!
        + Quickly schedule patients with a couple of clicks
        + Easy template setup for common therapist schedules
        + Script tracking and co-pay reminders - no more unauthorized visits!
        + Track all phone calls for individual patients
        + Daily and weekly schedules
        + Search for open appointments for any criteria
        + Scheduling for rooms and resources if needed
        + Able to handle multiple practices, clinics, and therapists
        + Customizable color coding
        + Many more!

    + Treatment Guidelines
        + Protocols for 100 different diagnoses included
        + Create your own protocols for standardized care or training purposes
        + Template building for each individual diagnoisis

    + Paperless Ready!
        + Attach computer documents or scanned images to individual patient cases
        + E-mail or Fax any report directly from our system

    + Helpful features
        + Task / Reminder calendar for each user
        + Build your own menu for common windows
        + Online help system for each screen
        + Ad-Hoc query builder!
        + Multiple Document Interface
        + User-Level security for each area of the system

    + Want to hear more??? Give us a call. We're tired of typing and you're tired of scrolling!

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"There have been many benefits from using this program. Physicians have complimented us on the thoroughness and professionalism of our documentation"

Michael Schwahn, CEO / Administrative Director. LIFE Rehab Services, Inc.