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Our QuickEMR system has been developed over the past several years by therapists and office managers. You, as our partner, are also welcome to help us make our system better in any way possible. We welcome any new ideas that we can pass on to our other partners as well


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quick EMR offer faxing?
Yes! QuickEMR offers faxing directly from the application!

Does QuickEMR offer a desktop version that we can purchase outright?
No. QuickEMR is a cloud based web application making it much more accessible and secure than old desktop applications. Your data is accessible anywhere you can access the web and is stored on servers more secure than is possible in a typical office.

How fast is QuickEMR?
Our web-based solution is very fast. While internet speeds vary based on your provider most clients can expect less than 1 sec page loads. That's as fast as any enterprise web application. With proper customization and setup (all included in our free training) you can create an evaluation in less than 5 minutes and a daily visit note in less than 2.

Can you access the system from anywhere and any computer?
Yes! QuickEMR is accessible from any computer or device with access to the web and an internet browser.

Do you support Mac? What about mobile phones or tablets?
Yes, you may use QuickEMR from any device with access to the web and an internet browser. Including Windows, Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, NetBook, and ChromeBook.

Is my data secure? Is my data HIPPA Compliant?
Yes! QuickEMR is fully HIPPA compliant. Your information is stored on secure database servers and accessed by you using SSL Encryption.

Is it possible to lose my data?
No company can gurantee data will not be lost. However! QuickEMR has taken every measure possible to prevent data lost and since it's founding has never lost customer data due to failure or outage. QuickEMR stores data in multiple locations simultaneously (called RAID) to protect against hardware failures. Additionally your data is cloned to multiple off-site locations at varying distances (called Data Replication) to protect against disasters such as mass power failure or earth-quakes.

How often does your system become inaccessible?
No system is up 100% due to factors beyond any persons control (such as natural disasters and mass power outages). However! QuickEMR has averaged over 99.7% up-time. That's less than 24hrs of down-time a year. QuickEMR regularly improves it's infrastructure and fully expects to reach five-nines up-time by 2020.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us for more information: (305)-394-6197

"By using the QuickEMR software, I have been able to decrease my salary expenses by at least one person in the business office."

Daniel Vogelbach LPT, ATC/L, President, Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.