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Documentation Quick & Easy!

Our QuickEMR system has been developed over the past several years by therapists and office managers. You, as our partner, are also welcome to help us make our system better in any way possible. We welcome any new ideas that we can pass on to our other partners as well! Even if you have some very specific needs for your practice, we will be happy to discuss customizing your system for you.

The goal of our documentation software is pretty simple....make it quick and easy to enter patient notes so therapists can spend more quality time with patients. Documentation is organized in an easy "chart" format and is all accessible from one screen. Type a few letters to locate a patient, and you are on your way to creating patient notes. Take it a step further and use the template capabilities to have most of the notes created for you automatically.

Our smart type ahead feature works on all drop down menus allowing you to write an entire paragraph by just typing a few words. By creating templates in the system, Care Plans and Daily Visit notes can be created within minutes. And our Carry Forward feature allows you to create subsequent Visit Notes quicker and easier than any other system. Our latest feature can even prevent therapists from documenting incorrect charges so you don't waste time resubmitting denied claims.

We keep trying to make it better. Some of our recent additions include fax and e-mail capabilities, document scanning, integrated spell checking, and batch management for billing.

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"Productivity among the Physical Therapists, Certified Hand Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants has improved and has made a big difference in regards to completing documentation in a timely manner."

W. Daniel Vogelbach LPT, ATC/L, President, Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.