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See what our clients are saying...

"I would recommend QuickEMR to any practice. Not only is it affordable and efficient, it is very user friendly. I was familiar with QuickEMR but was not aware that I could also have web hosting and data backup. As a result of my misunderstanding I selected another web based documentation company because I couldn't spend the money on a server and didn't have room. We had a competitors software for a year and a half and it was a constant struggle. The system was very slow and not user friendly, it would sometimes take 2 minutes for a page to load and scanning 3 minutes per page. These types of delays were incredibly costly not to mention frustrating. I knew something had to be done to improve our efficiency but was concerned about the amount of time it would take to train my staff to use a whole new system. QuickEMR is so user friendly that my therapists and my office staff alike were able to begin using it immediately and everyone was comfortable with the software within a week or less. Making the decision to go to electronic software is a no brainer particularly when you have such strong, user friendly and efficient programs offered through QuickEMR and Eazy Application Systems. Switching to QuickEMR has actually saved me money, now my staff can shift their focus and time back to meeting our patients needs. My staff has thanked me for making the change and yours will too."
Amber Carpenter
AC Physical Therapy

"By using the QuickEMR software, I have been able to decrease my salary expenses by at least one person in the business office. Productivity among the Physical Therapists, Certified Hand Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants has improved and has made a big difference in regards to completing documentation in a timely manner. Therapists can document as they are treating patients instead of waiting until the end of the day to complete their patient notes. Daily visit notes can be documented in as little as 1-2 minutes. Rejected claims by payers has significantly decreased, documentation errors have been virtually eliminated, and organization in our clinics has greatly improved since implementing the QuickEMR software. After researching many products, I have found the QuickEMR software to be the best and most cost saving documentation software on the market today."
W. Daniel Vogelbach LPT, ATC/L
President, Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

"I am writing to express our gratitude to you and your company for all of your help in the past two years. Since we started using QuickEMR, our documentation has become much more efficient and professional. Our communication with our referral sources has improved tremendously. Above all, your willingness to listen to our requests and adapt the program to suit our practice's needs has made the transition to QuickEMR smooth and we appreciate that you are constantly striving to make your system even better. We look forward to our continued partnership and the ongoing success of both of our companies."
Dan LaPlaca, M.Ed., ATC, PT
President, PRO Physical Therapy, Inc.

"We researched MANY Physical Therapy documentation programs before deciding to purchase QuickEMR. QuickEMR has been the perfect choice for our Physical Therapy practice! There have been many benefits from using this program. It has helped us to become very organized with our patient files. We even have the ability to go completely paperless with our patient charts if we wish to do so. Physicians have complimented us on the thoroughness and professionalism of our documentation. It saves us paperwork time – especially with the daily treatment notes. They are very quick to complete! There are many features on the program that help us run efficiently, like the “short hand”, the “copy over” and the “fax through email” features, among many others. It even helps our billing department be efficient and organized by utilizing the “batch management” and the “medical records page count” features. David's customer service is excellent and you get the feeling that he truly cares about you as a client!"
Michael Schwahn
CEO / Administrative Director
LIFE Rehab Services, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

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"Customer service is excellent and you get the feeling that they truly care about you as a client!"

Michael Schwahn, CEO / Administrative Director, LIFE Rehab Services, Inc.