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Our QuickEMR system has been developed over the past several years by therapists and office managers. You, as our partner, are also welcome to help us make our system better in any way possible. We welcome any new ideas that we can pass on to our other partners as well


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Quick EMR offer faxing?
Yes, as of October 2009, QuickEMR DOES offer free faxing!

2. Does QuickEMR offer a desktop version that we can purchase outright?
Yes, QuickEMR offers both a purchase AND a web-based solution for your practice. Our purchase option saves you money in the long run, and the web-based option saves you money in the short run.

3. How fast Is your web-based version?
Our web-based solution is 5-10 times faster than any of our competitors. Each server has 8 GB of memory and can handle many simultaneous users at once, even in the middle of the day. Once a server utilizes a little more than half of the available memory, we order a new server for any new clients, assuring that servers are not overloaded. Please call for a demo to see for yourself. We will be happy to show you a sample database with 800,000+ records in it that is more responsive than any other system out there. Click here to request a DEMO

4. Can you access the system from anywhere and any computer?
Yes, you can log on to our server through a remote desktop connection OR a browser, even in an airport. Therefore, you can access our system from anywhere as long as you have our web address.

5. Do you support MAC?
Yes, you can also log on to our server from a Mac! There is simply a small program do download freely from Microsoft (here is the link for it).
6. How secure is my data if I used the web-based version of QuickEMR?
QuickEMR is very secure as our services use encryption to pass information. Additionally we utilized a layered security protocol for each client's logon credentials to get on to our server. After that, there are additional credentials to access QuickEMR.

7. How safe is my data?
Your data on our server is backed up CONTINUOUSLY throughout the day. Each time a new record is added or a record is changed, it is written to a redundant hard drive on a RAID array. Data is also backed up each night to an offsite server.

If you have any more questions or are confused by the information you are hearing about us, feel free to contact me personally!

David Moriarty

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"By using the QuickEMR software, I have been able to decrease my salary expenses by at least one person in the business office."

Daniel Vogelbach LPT, ATC/L, President, Sports Specialty & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.